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Penis Pumps

In the early 1980s sex toy manufacturers realised that most toys were for women. There was really nothing for men and so they decided to try making one. A common desire among men is to increase the size of their penis, so it was decided and the first male sex toy was a penis pump. penis pumps have come along way in the last 30 years and we are living in an exciting era of penis enlargement toys. The air pumps that our forefathers used were useless and pretty dangerous. Today, we have many different types of penis pumps. When choosing a penis pump, its important to remember a couple of things. Pressure is the key to your success, or failure. Too much pressure and you can do some real damage to your junk, no enough pressure and you’ll get nowhere. Achieving the right amount of pressure can be done by using a pump that has either a digital, or analogue pressure gauge. Currently, there are no water pumps on the market that come with a pressure gauge. But, water pumps pose a significantly less risk of over pumping.


The masturbator was first invented by Steve Shubin and we’re glad it was. After realising that there was no discreet masturbation device for men, Steve decided to make one. He didn’t was a sex doll because he had a family and didn’t want them to find it, but he wanted something that was more pleasurable than his hand. The device was for his use only, until he showed a friend who wanted one and the Fleshlight was born. Fleshlight is currently the best selling male sex toy ever invented and its easy to see why. Now, there are thousands of different devices for men to slide their penis into. The sleeves vary in orifice but should never vary in material. Make sure you always choose a silicone based male masturbator and use a water-based lubricant with your sleeve. Many manufacturers, including Fleshlight, will say their sleeves are made from SuperSkin or another name, but they are just silicone based materials.

Anal Toys

Every man is constantly looking for a different way to pleasure himself. If you’ve never discovered anal toys, its about time that you did. Anal toys are particularly pleasurable for men because of the prostate. There are many different types of anal toys, including butt plugs, anal beads and my all time favourite, prostate massagers. The prostate massager curves around to massage your prostate with ease. In many cases, prostate stimulation along is enough to produce powerful orgasms.

That is just three of many different types of male sex toys. To find out more about male sex toys and what they can do for you, keep reading our blog. We would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment on a post.