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Stamina Training Unity from Fleshlight

Top Five Male Sex Toys That Will Change Your Life

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I’ve been hated and discriminated against for my love of male sex toys. In the comment sections of my posts I get protested and demonstrated against. People are throwing toast at my wicked…

metal anal toy

Know your anal toy

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There are many different types of anal toys available in our modern age. Choosing just one to start off with can be extremely difficult, especially when there are so many…

penis pump

Do Penis Pumps Work?

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I’ve always wanted to know, do penis pumps really work? If so, how do they work? Before I go any further, I have to get something straight. I am not…

VICE Cover the man Behind the Fake vagina

VICE Cover the man Behind the Fake vagina

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In a VICE article from January 20, 2014 the man behind the world’s first fake vagina was identified as Steve Shubin. The Fleshlight is a world famous masturbation device. With…